With Some Creativity, These $200 Films Attract Thousands of Fans

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Today, Star Wars—one of the highest grossing and longest running film franchise in Hollywood history—hits box offices nationwide. But if you were to look beyond Hollywood and to Uganda, you'd find another film empire attracting fans around the world.

A young film industry is developing in Wakaliga, a slum in Kampala. Popularly referred to as Wakaliwood, it's helmed by Ugandan filmmaker Isaac Nabwana. Each of his films cost about $200 to make, and rely heavily on a small rotating cast, home-made props, and his own home, which he disguises to look like different locations.  

The most popular of his films, "Who Killed Captain Alex?" has been viewed on YouTube hundreds of thousands of times. And he has many more films in the works, which he hopes his viewers will appear in as well.