'20 Feet From Stardom'; Jewish Folk Meets Afrobeat When Zion80 Plays Live

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Darlene Love sings in the studio in '20 Feet From Stardom'

In this episode: 20 Feet From Stardom shines the spotlight away from the headliners and onto their backup singers. This week, the film was nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Feature. Today, we listen back to our conversation with the director of the documentary, Morgan Neville and two of the backup singers who star in the film, Darlene Love and Merry Clayton.

At first you may not think that two genres like traditional folk songs and the exuberant sounds of Afrobeat would sit well together. But as played by Zion80 -- a sprawling 15-piece band led by Jon Madof -- they really do. Hear the band perform in the Soundcheck studio.