Today's Takeaway: Everything's Politicized, Why Billionaires Get the Best Tax Breaks, Cyber War Games, and the Romney Campaign's Image Makeover

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Everyone acknowledges that our nation's politics are as polarized as any time in recent memory. But some observers worry that polarization is carrying over into areas outside the public sphere. Steffen Schmidt, contributor to It's a Free Country, thinks the politicization of everyday life is a terrible development and is concerned about its implications for the country's future. Also on The Takeaway: the day after Senate Republicans blocked debate on the so-called "Buffett Rule", Bob Hennelly, senior reporter for WNYC joins us to discuss his investigation of the tax rates of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg; photographer Richard Ross tries to bring the juvenile justice system to the mainstream public; James Lewis speaks on simulated war games between China and the U.S.; producer Andres Cediel and law professor Jennifer Mnookin separate forensic science from drama in the Frontline documentary "The Real CSI"; Sadakat Kadri explains Sharia law; and Pulitzer Prize administrator Sig Gissler explains how news — and news awards — are shifting with the times.