Ed Towns Steps Down

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Errol Louis, host of "Inside City Hall" on NY1, discusses the legacy of Edolphos Towns, who announced he will not be running for his 16th term, and the generation shift in Brooklyn politics.

Video Below: Watch Recent Video of Ed Towns Floor Speech on Poverty


Errol Louis

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The ultimate question would be; will there really be a decernable difference between before or after??

Apr. 17 2012 05:00 PM

Schumer, Silver, Rangle... all of 'em.

Glaring examples for term limits.

It's suppose to be a privilege to serve not a damn life career.

Apr. 17 2012 10:28 AM
John from john

Maybe Jefferies will get a hair cut and stop getting arrested for exposure. Barron, while a "radical" gets things done.

Apr. 17 2012 10:26 AM

Towns was just another do-nothing politician.
That he sat out the Atlantic Yards fight says it all.

And what's with Erol Louis? Town was well-liked and gave in when confronted with more powerful forces. How is that a good record?

Apr. 17 2012 10:24 AM
Nick from UWS

Brian, you sound a little bit under the weather. Feel better soon!!

Apr. 17 2012 10:24 AM

Among the districts in the area of Towns, congressional campaigns run under $1 million — significantly below the average. Not Towns. Somehow he managed to spend significantly more than average — more than average for the entire country. What for?

So Errol Lewis is a buddy. Find a journalist to tell us about Towns.

Apr. 17 2012 10:21 AM

Who were the big donors to Edolphus Towns? Postal unions, the Teamsters, the health industry, big telecom.

In short, Edolphus Towns was an cheap vote to buy.

Apr. 17 2012 10:16 AM

Is it just me or, are ya'all just absolutely disgusted with these career politicians/poseurs??

CirKus Klowns®.

Apr. 17 2012 10:16 AM
Oscar from Brooklyn

Outside of he is district, the congressman has left his mark through his social work. He taught mobility skills to blind folks throughout the city and some are still in contact with the congressman after all these years. Forgetting all the congressional sausage, the congressman is above all a man of the people.

Apr. 17 2012 10:15 AM

Errol Lewis needs to get up to speed on how reelection works before he champions Towns's staying power. Once you're in Congress, the probability of winning reelection (assuming you run) is almost 90%. Ninety percent. It was over 85% even at the height of this past recession, immediately following the bailout of Wall Street.

Translation: Once you're in and barring scandal or bad redistricting, you can stay as long as you want. Such is the nature of American democracy.

Apr. 17 2012 10:13 AM

There's no reason anyone should be in office that long.

Apr. 17 2012 10:12 AM

Awww, who's going to take tobacco $$ and do their bidding now?? They didn't call him "The Marlboro Man" for nothing.

Apr. 17 2012 10:09 AM

ya he is awesome...god bless him and all the good work he did for the people...bless you are a saint

Apr. 17 2012 10:08 AM

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