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Quinn Might (Or Might Not) Still Have One Biz Group's Support for Living Wage

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This week, the Partnership for New York City, a prominent business group pulled its support for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's living wage bill. The group and the speaker evidently didn't see eye-to-eye on granting the Mayor latitude (known as an "executive waiver") to exempt some projects from the higher wage requirement.

But Partnership is not the only business group that gave Quinn its support when a framework for a living wage law was announced last January. Back then, the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce released a statement, saying:

"This compromise legislation strikes a balanced approach that protects vulnerable sectors and does not impede the ability of businesses that want to invest and expand in New York and create needed jobs. Speaker Quinn is to be commended for working with a broad coalition of interests to fashion such balanced legislation."

So does the Manhattan Chamber still support the bill now that Partnership does not? In response to a query from WNYC, MCC President Nancy Ploeger said she had not seen any language, and that the group "still stand[s] opposed" to the bill.

When shown a January statement in which the Chamber supported the bill, Ploeger responded in an email to WNYC: "Sorry for confusion...our position same as in Jan. Providing actual bill language carves out leasees as Quinn had indicated..."