The Road to Minimum Wage

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hilary Klein, lead organizer of Make the Road New York, and Luna Ranjit, executive director of Adhikaar, a Queens-based Nepalese support group, talk about their efforts to organize service workers, like manicurists and car wash attendants, for minimum wage and better working conditions. 


Hilary Klein and Luna Ranjit

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So the economically-ignorant Brian Lehrer believes that a forced minimum wage is "good" for workers.

You can ignore economic laws, but I can assure you that economic laws won't ignore you:

(Why are proponents of minimum wage laws always so stingy? Why not have a minimum wage of $25, $50, or even $100 per hour. THAT would really "eliminate" poverty.)

Apr. 13 2012 10:54 AM
Shirley from Manhattan

what do employers think when they pay people so poorly, or like nail salon women have them breathe toxic air all day, bend over toes and nails with their hands in ugly water? Women dont like these women to use gloves and masks.
Often these employers were one time immigrants or their grand parents who grew in sort of poverty. Is it right to do unto others what wasnt good for you?
where is OSHA


Apr. 13 2012 10:47 AM
john from office

So, the nail salon worker will be in a space suit??

Apr. 13 2012 10:43 AM

I'm so tired of being expected to tip EVERYWHERE I go. Why cant we make employers pay their employees fair wages and let tips be just that, a little extra for extraordinary work. NOT something that is expected. I'm already paying for a service ... that should be enough.

Apr. 13 2012 10:43 AM
The Truth from Becky

As far as the nail salons...when they stop passing out nail fungus and infections, the will get more tips!

Apr. 13 2012 10:41 AM
fuva from Harlemworld

OK...DSK was NOT "cleared", he was just not prosecuted.

Apr. 13 2012 10:37 AM
The Truth from Becky

Uhmm hello, whenever you receive a service, it is probably a good thing to leave a tip Brian. I mean where does the jar need to be? On the hood of your car?

Apr. 13 2012 10:35 AM

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