Gig Alert: Yuna

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"Live Your Life"
Playing on Tuesday at Music Hall of Williamsburg
(66 N. 6th St., Williamsburg)
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Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna knows a thing or two about the "Carpe diem" message behind her debut album’s lead single, “Live Your Life.”

About six years ago, after being inspired by a Feist music video, Yuna composed her first folk-pop songs in Malay and English and began posting them online. She was a law student then and when graduation rolled around, her songs in Malay had already become viral sensations. Soon after, she decided to leave law for a career in music. On Tuesday, the 25-year old releases her full-length stateside debut on The Fader magazine's record label.

Already a superstar in her native land, Yuna’s airy, angelic voice and indie-pop sensibility place her among the ranks of formidable female songstresses like Sarah Jaffe and Natalia Lafourcade. Her new record, Yuna, boasts production by UK musician Chris Braide -- who’s also worked with Sia and Lana Del Rey -- and Pharrell Williams, who produced “Live Your Life,” the track available for download above.

Yuna performs at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Tuesday night and at SOBs on Thursday night. Before the shows, watch the indie chanteuse's delicate yet soulful (though decidedly un-grungey) rendition of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are.”