Today's Takeaway: Zimmerman in Police Custody, E.O Wilson on Ant Colonies and Human Nature, and Playoff Beards

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State Attorney Angela Corey holds a news conference to announce second degree murder charges to be brought against defendant George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting April 11, 2012.
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On today's takeaway, we discuss both the legal and cultural implications behind yesterday's arrest of George Zimmerman with reporter Adam Kaeloha Causey, lawyer Dale Carson, pastor Valerie Houston and blogger Farai Chideya. Joe Nocera joins us to discuss the allegations against Apple and five other companies, It's a Free Country's Stephen Reader catches up with Herman CainJames Surowiecki explores the economic implications of medical tourism, and Maria Haberfeld discusses a report of a higher number of police deaths across the country. Also on The Takeaway, we speak with E.O. Wilson about his new book and discuss post-season superstitions in sports.