Tribute: Debbie Reynolds On the Dark Sides of Making Her Lighthearted Films

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Feb. 15, 1984. Debbie Reynolds appears at Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremonies in Los Angeles.

Debbie Reynolds died Wednesday at age 84, and we are revisiting our interview with her from 1988. It's a fascinating discussion, because she opens up about the way women are treated in Hollywood, and how they expect to be treated when they pursue a career in acting. Leonard spoke to her about some of her most iconic roles, her personal and professional trials, and exactly how much she got paid for the film ‘Singing in the Rain’. She talked about the dark side of making some of her more iconic, and lighthearted, films, back when studio executives would give actors and actresses amphetamines. She talked about the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault in the movie industry. She also discussed her conflicted feelings about seeing her daughter, Carrie Fisher, entering the film industry.