#3323: Cello and Voice

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Listen to music for cello and voice on this edition of New Sounds.   We’ll hear a few selections from "The Escape Artist," a new opera by composer, vocalist & cellist Robert Een.  He worked with Meredith Monk for fifteen years, culminating the creation of their hour-long music-theater duet, "Facing North," and his writing, including this opera, employs extended techniques for both voice and cello. 


Then, from a brand-new recording by the Louth Contemporary Music Society, there’s music for cello and voice by Uzbek composer Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky, whose music is “like a quiet lake teeming with life below the surface” (Chicago Tribune.)  There's also some music from the Irish composer Donnacha Dennehy featuring processed voice, cello, guitar, in the service of a play, "Misterman."

PROGRAM #3323 (First aired on 4/10/2012)                                                  





Donnacha Dennehy

Live Recording, 11/7/10

Misterman Sound Design, excerpt [2:00]

Not commercially available.

Robert Een

Recorded live at the REDCAT in Los Angeles, 9/13/11

The Escape Artist- Be Warned [5:12]
In You I See [5:16]
Love [4:27]

Not commercially available.

Donnacha Dennehy


Written and Directed by ENDA WALSH
Featuring a specially–commissioned score by Donnacha Dennehy


Donnacha Dennehy : Misterman  4 excerpts [13:54]


Not commercially available.

Hilliard Ensemble  | Ivan Monighetti, cello | EQ Ensemble | Jean Thorel, cond.

Louth Contemporary Music Society - Night Music: Voice in the Leaves

Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky: Morning [18:32]