Gig Alert: The Bad Plus

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The Bad Plus
"Beryl Loves To Dance"
**This song was available for download for a limited period and is now stream-only.**
Playing on Wednesday at the Blue Note
(131 W. 3rd St., Greenwich Village)
Get: Tickets ($15-$25) | Directions 

Acoustic jazz trio The Bad Plus has gained a following for its clever, artful reworkings of music that’s off-the-radar and outside of songbooks used by most jazz outfits.

In addition to creating their own music, members Reid Anderson (bass), Ethan Iverson (piano) and David King (drums) have deconstructed songs that run the gamut of musical styles -- from country to classical music to the Bees Gees to Black Sabbath to grunge -- since founding the group in 2000. Yet, even though The Bad Plus’s re-imagined covers are a popular draw, overall it’s the band’s deft musicianship that keeps the fans in the seats.

On Wednesday night, the trio plays the second day of its week-long residency at the Blue Note. Ahead of the show, stream “Beryl Loves To Dance” from The Bad Plus’s 2010 album of original compositions, Never Stop, and watch the record’s “Making Of…” video below.