Gig Alert: Christina Courtin

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Christina Courtin
Playing on Tuesday at Rockwood Music Hall
(196 Allen St., L.E.S.)
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You could say that Christina Courtin has her feet in two musical worlds. When the versatile singer-songwriter isn’t delivering roots-, rock- and jazz-styled tunes, the Julliard alum can also be found playing the viola and violin in a chamber music orchestra called The Knights. She’s also played the violin on recordings for Beyoncé and Yo-Yo Ma, and has shared a stage with Suzanne Vega and The Punch Brothers, among others.

On Tuesday night, Christina Courtin and her band take the stage at Rockwood Music Hall. For a preview of her show, download the folk-tinged song “Lightfighter” from Courtin’s upcoming follow-up album above and watch her perform “One Man Down” in the video below.