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When Worlds Collide: Food and Garbage

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Garbage is a natural extension of our consumption of food. There's waste throughout the process and not just at the end. 

And yet, I was still surprised when I came upon a web site about making a garbage truck cupcake topper.

Let me back up for a minute (beep, beep, beep). I'm researching a story on New York City's garbage trucks. I'm inspired by Waste and Recycling News, which has declared 2012 the 100th anniversary of the garbage truck. The industry publication is planning a special issue in October. I get it because I used to cover sanitation and recycling for WNYC.

So, for me, garbage truck cupcakes make sense. They're a natural extension of my interests in both garbage and food. (Does this make me a "garbage foodie"?) It's Last Chance Foods meets the Discovery show "Dirty Jobs."

The article is about printing a sticker that can get stuck onto a toothpick and inserted into the top of a cupcake. No big deal. But what an opening line: "Throwing a garbage-truck themed party means you can center all of the items at the party around one theme."

Have your guests dress in black plastic bags. Use up-ended garbage pails as chairs. Put your party food into a bowl, mash it down with a potato masher and serve! 

I think I'm on to something here.