Opinion: Let's Have 'The Talk' About John Derbyshire's Misdirected Anger

Monday, April 09, 2012 - 01:33 PM

Civil rights leaders and residents of the city of Sanford, FL attend a town hall meeting to discuss the death of a 17-year-old unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin. (Gerardo Mora/Getty)

Framed as a response to pieces that have run in the New York Post and elsewhere on “the talk” that some black parents claim to have had with their kids about survival in a proverbial White Man’s World, John Derbyshire’s latest post at Taki’s webzine on “the talk” that he claims some white parents have with their kids about blacks is a racist rant chock full of unsubstantiated claims and anecdotal evidence presented as fact.

Describing African-Americans as both less intelligent than and hostile to white people, he outlines a nine-point plan based on what he calls “statistical common sense” to help whites look out for their “personal safety.” These include warnings to keep out of black neighborhoods, to avoid large concentrations of blacks in public and to make black friends to guard against charges of racism. 

There’s been predictable outrage on the Web. Slate’s Dave Weigel called Derbyshire’s piece “disgusting.” Jonah Goldberg called it “indefensible.” Matt Lewis wrote that stuff like this reinforces the stereotype of the racist conservative. And National Review fired Derbyshire as a columnist after seeing its name dragged through the mud in association with a piece which editor Rich Lowry blogged that it never would’ve published.

This piece upset me too. But what struck me is the misdirected anger.

To wrap it in the guise of fact, Derbyshire links to supposed proof of blacks’ “antisocial” behavior: stories on everything from random acts of black-on-white violence to Congressional investigations of black lawmakers and statistics on suspensions of black students from school. He then uses what for the most part amounts to circumstantial evidence to draw dubious inferences about blacks in general. At one point, for instance, Derbyshire blames incompetence at the DMV on black workers’ alleged low intelligence and hostility to white people.

I won’t even bother to mention that white people work at the DMV too. Well I guess I just did.

But Derbyshire’s grievances here have something in common apart from the group to which he attributes them: Violence, ethical malfeasance, discipline problems and poor customer service transcend race. These are important issues that ought to be talked about. But this stuff starts at home. Parents have to teach kids to behave well at school and in public, to have a moral center and to give 100 percent to everything.

Then there’d be no bullying at school. There’d be no talking over movies at the movie theater. There’d be less political corruption. There’d be more proactive people behind the counter at Derbyshire’s DMV. That’s the conversation that we ought to be having. Race has nothing to do with this stuff. And if Derbyshire had relied more on evidence than on preconceived notions, he’d know that.  


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Jack Jackson from Central New Jersey

Wow...Try to start an informed discussion on race in this space and look what pops up? Both responses appear to spring from the 'But what Derbyshire said was true...' branch of the nutbag tree.

Of the two opinions expressed, whitedude from MI appears the more egregious. He feels that liberals are trying to miscegenate away white identity. Trust me, whitedude, the likelihood that anyone wants to combine their genetic heritage with his is quite remote.

Derbyshire's central problem is that he disregards the 400 years of colonial acquisition of native wealth and production that is the actual root of the problem between the races. If black could face white as economic equals, a lot of the white fear of being robbed or shot would go away.

Jun. 17 2012 10:46 AM
WhiteDude from Multiracial Insanity (USA)

Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, White countries for everyone????????

Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will
be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY
into White countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are more crowded than Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote
assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY White countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the White race, Liberals and respectable conservatives will just say that I’m a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Apr. 09 2012 06:33 PM

Parents? Plural? Maybe no one ever taught you 80% of blacks are born to and raised by single moms. Not exactly a good start for a great attitude, discipline, parental attention, etc.

Apr. 09 2012 04:35 PM

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