Today's Takeaway: Mike Wallace Dead at 93, Soldiers on Prescription Drugs, Romney's V.P. Pick, and Assad Demands Guarantee from Rebels

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Mike Wallace, one of the original correspondents for 60 Minutes, died Saturday at 93. We speak with Beth Knoble, a journalist who co-authored a book with Wallace. And as Mitt Romney counts his delegates and prepares for the final stretch of the primary season, the media's spotlight turns to potential running-mates. Who will he pick? Also on The Takeaway, we interview a former consultant to the Assad regime of Syria. Assad is in headlines again for demanding a written guarantee that rebels in the country would stop fighting. Later on the show, an Army on prescription drugs. More than 100,000 active-duty Army troops took prescription drugs last year for mental health conditions. Do psychotropic medications offer much-needed relief for troubled soldiers, or are they part of the problem?