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100,000-Square Foot Hydroponic Farm Planned for Brooklyn Rooftop

Soon Brooklyn residents will be able to look up to see the source of their locally-grown organic vegetables.

The Manhattan-based BrightFarms, Inc. is building a 100,000-square foot greenhouse on the roof of a 1.1 million-square foot warehouse in Sunset Park.

BrightFarms CEO Paul Lightfoot said he will grow the crops in a hydroponic system that uses minerals dissolved in water, instead of in soil.

"We're limited to products that grow well in that style, so that's why you hear me talk about lettuces and tomatoes," he said. "We'll also be growing herbs."

He said cucumbers and bell peppers could also be grown there.

BrightFarms is currently looking for a grocery store to handle an exclusive distribution contract.

The greenhouse is expected to be completed early next year and will be capable of producing about 1 million pounds of food per year.

The redevelopment of the Sunset Park warehouse is part of the Bloomberg administration’s plan to revitalize Brooklyn’s industrial waterfront.