Gig Alert: Vijay Iyer Trio

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Vijay Iyer Trio
Playing on Tuesday at Birdland
(315 W. 44th St., Hell's Kitchen)
Get: Tickets ($30-$40) | Directions 

Noted jazz pianist and composer Vijay Iyer is recognized for his rhythmic, almost percussive, playing style and experimental but accessible compositions. He created his latest work, Accelerando, an expressive meditation on action and physical motion, with trio members Stephan Crump (bass) and Marcus Gilmore (drums). The record debuted last month and will be feted with a week-long residency at Birdland starting on Tuesday night.

The group’s follow-up to the critically-acclaimed, Grammy-nominated 2009 effort Historicity centers around its propulsive titular track, “Accelerando.” The piece, which is available for download above, was first composed as the final movement of a suite for choreographer Karole Armitage to perform at Central Park.

Like its predecessor, Accelerando also includes a few covers, including Ellington’s “The Village of Virgins,” the 1970s tune “Star Of The Story” by Heatwave and a revamped version of Iyer’s “Human Nature” cover. The Jackson homage, which first appeared on Iyer’s Solo album in 2010, is extended to trio on Accelerando.

Ahead of the Vijay Iyer Trio’s Birdland run, watch the outfit perform “Human Nature” in the video below and catch them live on Soundcheck on Tuesday at 2 P.M.