Bloomberg on Potentially Damaging 911 Report: It's a ‘Working Document’

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg sought to downplay a potentially damaging report on the city’s 911 emergency response system calling it a “working document.”

“It’s a preliminary report, and we'll put it in when we get a final report that pulls together all the relevant data,” Bloomberg said. “Temporary reports that we've asked to look at things are working documents, and you have to get those and get them together, and when everything is clear with what we've done and what we have, we'd be happy to release it.”

Some elected officials are urging Bloomberg to release the independent review that was commissioned after the December 2010 blizzard.

Bloomberg defended the 911 system.

“I might point out that response times are better than they've ever been. Deaths from fires and other accidents are lower than they've ever been,” he said. Although, he did say things could always be better.

He said once the final report is completed, it will be released.

Last month, the city's comptroller issued an audit critical of the city's 911 system overhaul. The report found it was $1 billion over budget and seven years behind schedule.

Kathleen Horan contributed to this report.