NY Shoppers Get Sales Tax Break

Starting Sunday, New York shoppers will get a tax break.

The state department of taxation is pulling back the 4 percent sales tax on clothing and footwear items under $110. This is an increase from the $55 implemented last year to spark economic activity. Some shoppers can save even more on their spring wardrobes depending on where they shop.

Some local municipalities, including New York City and nine upstate counties are also not collecting their own portion of the sales tax.  

But shoppers in nearby Westchester County will be charged the 3.375 percent tax collected there and in Nassau and Suffolk Counties a 4.625 percent sales tax, the highest in the state, will be added to the sale. 

The exemption is for single clothing and shoe items under 110 dollars and not the total amount of transaction.

The tax exemption was first instituted in 2000, but has been repealed and re-instated several times.