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Paladino says stop reading the Buffalo News

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Carl Paladino continues his post-election fight with the media, urging supporters to cancel their subscription to the Buffalo News. (Previously, he urged them to subscribe to Newsday, which is based on Long Island).


The News breeds bad journalism to serve its elitist leadership who strive to control and denigrate the masses, especially the poor and disenfranchised. Their editorial page and insidious "news reporting" has routinely worked against the best interests of our region while promoting the interests of a select group of elite power brokers.


If the local population stands together in protest and cancels their subscriptions to the newspaper for the month of February, the message will be clear.

The goal of this boycott is not to maliciously put the paper out of business. There are many fine people working at the paper and, yes, we need those jobs. Our goal is to send a loud and very clear message to owner Warren Buffet, that the services of the publisher and editors are no longer required.