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Tea Partiers Sue Over NJ Redistricting Map

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Thirty-eight registered voters from 21 counties all over New Jersey are suing over a legislative district map approved earlier this month, saying it is in violation of the state and federal constitutions, according to a Tea Party press release today.

The plaintiffs, along with the Bayshore Tea Party group, have filed a civil suit against the Democrats on the state's Apportionment Commission, "the 11th Member, Alan Rosenthal, Kim Guadagno, in her official capacity as Secretary of State of New Jersey, Paula Dow, Attorney General and Robert F. Giles, Director of the Division of Elections of the State of New Jersey, in Superior Court, Chancery Division, Ocean County."

The suit alleges that the commission over-packed the southern half of the state and "illegally split Newark and Jersey City from three districts each to two."

New Jersey's redistricting process is especially contentious - as New Jersey is in an election year, and the a primary is slated to be held in June.