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Bloomberg appoints new head of DEP

Mayor Bloomberg appointed the Department of Environmental Protection's deputy commissioner Carter Strickland, Jr. to the head post earlier today. The mayor's office praised Strickland's "nearly two decades of experience in environmental policy and law in the New York metropolitan region", calling him "instrumental in the development and implementation of the water, air and natural resource initiatives in PlaNYC, Mayor Bloomberg’s comprehensive sustainability plan, and was a principal architect of the City’s Green Infrastructure Plan."

“Over the last two years, DEP has risen to new heights – cutting costs while becoming a more efficient and effective agency and helping to drive the Administration’s ambitious sustainability agenda,” Bloomberg said in a statement. “He has the right experience and qualities to be an extremely successful commissioner, with great vision and understanding of the challenges of delivering a vital public service to nine million New Yorkers every day, while protecting their environment and quality of life.”

Strickland takes over for his former boss, Cas Halloway, who himself took over for former Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith, who resigned earlier this month.