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Cuomo and Cuomo on transit

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Andrew Cuomo is unveiling his long-awaited urban agenda today. Also coming out today is the Drum Major Institute and Transportation Alternatives' issue paper on mass transit (no small part of urban life). In the report, they say one of the problems Cuomo will face is the product of a decision made years ago by another Governor Cuomo:

In 1992, state lawmakers slashed state funding for the MTA’s capital program. Today’s debt crisis can be attributed in large part to this unfortunate decision and the failure of subsequent administrations to restore funding.

Last year, DMI took a more direct shot at the earlier Cuomo administration, saying:

The downward spiral accelerated in 1992, when Governor Cuomo eliminated the state’s contribution altogether, citing shortfalls in the state budget. Subsequent governors have continued this policy. For more than fifteen years, New York State has not contributed any direct funding toward the MTA’s capital needs, while New York City has also drastically decreased its contributions—from approximately 10 percent of total capital planning between 1982 and 1999, to about three percent for the capital program of 2000-2004.

DMI's report is being released later today and should be a fun read.

UPDATE: Liz has the full report.