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Roundup: Ensign Adieu, Gitmo Redux

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Out of Range: Fled Wisconsin Democrats hand-delivered a letter to Gov. Scott Walker today in a request to meet near the state border to resume a conversation about the budget.

Ensign No More: Republican Senator John Ensign of Nevada said on Monday he wont seek a third term. He is currently under investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee. (NPR)

More Gitmo Trials: The Obama administration laid out its legal strategy to indefinitely detain prisoners who can't be tried, but are too dangerous release. They also announced plans for new Guantanamo Bay military trials. (WSJ)

Obama Eyes Libya Intervention: While Libyan government planes bombed rebel areas in Ras Lanuf near the coastal oil refinery, Obama threatens military intervention. (NYT)

War on Women: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand speaks out against Republican budget cuts aimed at reproductive health and services, saying they are unfair to women. (WNYC)

Devil in the Details: Sens. Saxby Chambliss and Mark Warner, leaders of a bipartisan deficit-reduction effort, held a bipartisan meeting in Washington to talk through the national budget dilemma. Polls show Americans like the idea of cooperating on deficit reduction until specific measures are proposed. (NYT)

Scary Movie: A video taken by the NYPD on 9/11 surfaced on the internet showing the towers collapse and reactions from a birds-eye view. (NY Daily News)