BP Stringer wants answers from Bloomberg over Goldsmith resignation

Thursday, September 01, 2011 - 02:31 PM

Courtsey of the borough president's Flickr account.

The fallout has started surrounding today's revelation that a former deputy mayor under Bloomberg resigned after being arrested for domestic violence. And at the front of his media surf board is Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.

Stringer sent out a statement late this morning saying he was "deeply troubled by the news" that former Deputy Mayor for Operations Stephen Goldsmith had spent two nights in a Washington, DC jail after being arrested after a domestic dispute with his wife. Goldsmith resigned abruptly on August 4. The New York Post reported today that on July 30, Goldsmith had been arrested in Washington, DC, after his wife called the police. The incident, the Post said, was what led to Goldsmith's resignation--not his poor handling of the monster snow storm back in January, as had been the suspicion.

Speaking to the press earlier, Borough President Stringer called on the mayor to give an account of what happened, what the decision making process behind Goldsmith's resignation was, and why the incident wasn't disclosed to the public.

"We have a right to know the circumstances relating to his resignation," Stringer said. "If the resignation was a result of this arrest, then New Yorkers have the right to know that a high-ranking deputy mayor, in charge of oversight of the NYPD, was arrested under some very difficult circumstances."

Stringer was careful not to directly criticize the mayor's handling of the incident, saying that that his office wasn't "picking a fight with the mayor."

"I dont want to characterize the circumstances surrounding the mayor's thinking until i know what it was," Stringer said. "And then we'll go from there."

Marc LaVorgna, a spokesperson with the mayor's office, released the following statement: "We have nothing to add to Mrs. Goldsmith's account of the incident, but it was clear to the Mayor and Mr. Goldsmith that he could no longer serve at City Hall, regardless of his guilt or innocence."


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It seems everyone "now" wants answers from "The Prisoner of City Hall" I guess he forgot that he "OWNS" a news empire and that "Honesty" is always the best policy.

BTW We still do not know where Deputy Mayor Patricia Harris was during the snow storm.

Why is it still a "City Secret" ?

Before there was the "Oracle at Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

VJ Machiavelli
The Legislative Budget is Too Damn High

Sep. 02 2011 05:44 AM

More criminal NY City politicians, with Bloomberg himself, the head of the snake. NYC has become a rotten apple, filled with bad apples. The "John" Eliot Spitzer, who now works for Faux News as a Propaganda Consultant, Bernie Kerik, convicted criminal, and now this guy.  NYC Politicians are pure trash, and always have been, going back to the Tammany Hall days, which sadly, is their legacy.

Sep. 01 2011 08:58 PM
Larry C

Scott's already taking the low road to City Hall. But he'll always be a second stringer to me.

Sep. 01 2011 08:00 PM

Smug looking dude

Sep. 01 2011 07:33 PM

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