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The Cuomo Doctrine and "grim" budget situation

"We are a progressive society," Governor Andrew Cuomo said on the Fred Dicker Show on 1300 AM out of Albany. "But we're tax payers and we want the government to run efficiency and effectively."

Thus the Governor articulated the Cuomo Doctrine. Not that this is anything new, but I'm not sure he's so clearly articulated. A progressive social doctrine, most easily identified by the push for same-sex marriage, buffeted by a high sensitivity toward tax issues and fiscal discipline. See the millionaires' tax and his battle with the unions.

Cuomo was also asked about the budget situation. Last week the Governor put the breaks on the annual mid-year fiscal report, claiming volatility in the stock market was leading to too much uncertainty for a projection to be made.

How are things looking now? "Grim."

He went on to say that "the news is not good" and that the current projections, when they're finished, will need to be looked at as guides for the upcoming budget. "These numbers are not just another forecast," Cuomo said. "We're going to have to make decisions on these numbers."