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The Lede: Cuomo and Bloomberg Make Nice, Silver Makes Party Plans

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Making Peace on LIFO:"'I understand where the mayor wants to go and I'm committed to helping him,' Cuomo said. 'I have known the mayor a long time and I consider him a personal friend.'" (NY Daily News)

Cuomo:"This is not an easy matter. And you can't do it without a law change. And Albany doesn't have a reputation for being the most expeditious vehicle to come up with new laws." (WNYC)

Bloomberg's Got Backup:"The mayor also won much-needed moral support for his efforts to end 'last in, first out' from US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan." (NY Post)

While In New Jersey...: "The evaluation rubric is crucial to Mr. Christie's plan to overhaul the state's public schools during what his administration calls the 'year of education reform.'" (Wall Street Journal)

Feds Selling Waterfront Property:"even though the city is on the cusp of a deal that would turn it into a major economic-development project." (NY Post)

In Defense of Bikers:"a small, noisy fraction of the outcry borders on Reefer Madness-style hysteria, as if Mayor Bloomberg is secretly sleeping in spandex, eager for everyone to start shaving their legs and subscribing to L'Equipe." (Wall Street Journal)

Quiet Shakeup:"With no fanfare, Cuomo has installed a new chief at the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities, formerly known as the Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, and the Commission on Quality of Care, the independent agency that oversees and polices complaints against institutions that serve the disabled." (Albany Times-Union)

Spitzer's Sidekicks:"Hill and Cain are news-anchor pretty; Spitzer, on the network boasting silver fox Anderson Cooper, looks like a balding coyote." (Bloomberg)

Christie Vetoed:NJ will not be first state with online gambling (EMPIRE)

Party!: "Under an ethics framework Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver outlined for his members Wednesday, get-togethers that have at least 25 nonlawmakers - who could be lobbyists - would be okay, sources said." (NY Daily News)

About that Park Slope Petition:"It was provocative stuff, especially for a famously liberal and oft-mocked Brooklyn enclave. Except it might not be true." (Wall Street Journal)