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The Lede: Fundraising in Harlem, Details in Albany

President Barack Obama greets supporters at Harlem's Studio Museum on Tuesday night. (AFP/Getty)

Obama on the Moment in Libya and Japan:"We are having to make sure that we help to bend history in a way that is good for the people there and ultimately good for the American people," the president said at a DNC fundraiser in Harlem.  (Obamafoodorama)

The President's Fellow Diners:"Reporters were briefly allowed into the Red Rooster event, attended by about 50 people, mostly white." (NY Times)

Christie's Turn Tonight for RNC NRCC:"The $10 million total is a dramatic increase from the last few years" (Politico)

Nearly Three Decades: The last time a state budget was finished before the March 31 deadline was 1983, when Gov. Cuomo's dad, Mario, was in his first year in office. (NY Daily News)

Schumer's Talking Points:"I always use the word 'extreme.' That is what the caucus instructed me to use this week. (NY Post)

Budget Details:Talks appeared to slow over the final details on Cuomo's massive plan to reduce projected Medicaid growth by $2.8 billion. (NY Post)

Cuomo Eyes More Requirements to Work with Disabled:"It’s not remotely enough," says an advocate. (NY Times)

Rangel on Ferraro:"She was a friend, a fighter and a Democrat." (NY Daily News)

New Bike Lane Spokesman:“We allowed the other side to frame this debate," says Howard Wolfson. (NY Times)

Handicap Accessible Taxis:"If federal lawyers agree, the city's ambitious plan to pick a single vehicle as the city's only approved taxi could be in danger." (Wall Street Journal)

Albany Budget and Local Budgets:"You're going to see the combination of cuts in schools and property tax hikes." (Albany Times Union)

Spitzer Tells Obama to Steamroll GOP:"By embracing the possibility of a shutdown, looking the Republicans squarely in the eye, and saying the burden is on them to live up to the campaign rhetoric that just got them elected, he would trump them at their own game." (Slate)