Paladino rips media as 'very much part of the problem'

Friday, December 03, 2010 - 05:28 PM

Carl Paladino sent a letter today to YNN reporter Capital Tonight anchor Liz Benjamin, blasting her for not being tougher on governor-elect Andrew Cuomo in a recent interview, calling it "pathetic."

"He was allowed to walk on his use of drugs," Paladino writes in the letter, dated November 24, but which was sent out today, according to his secretary. "If a complacent, lazy and apathetic press doesn't police government, who will?"

Paladino ends his four-page letter telling "Liz" that "you and your friends in the press are very much part of the problem."

Paladino had many, many problems with reporters. He threatened Fred Dicker with the line, "I'll take you out, buddy!" and blocked from his media contact list a well-respected Associated Press reporter after he thought she wrote an unfair story about one of his policy initiatives.

As for Benjamin, she's tenacious, tireless, and, fair. The criticism here from Paladino are hard to accept, since reporters did ask about many of the issues raised in the letters (Cuomo's drug use; prosecuting Steven Rattner, etc.).

As for criticism of the modern political press in New York, it's hard to accept them coming from Paladino, considering his behavior on the campaign trail.

For example, after a speech to Orthodox Jews in Williamsburg, Paladino marched to his car, several blocks away, ignoring reporters' questions, even as they marching along side of him. Days later, after the speech was widely criticized, Paladino stood at a Columbus Day parade in Midtown, saying his comments in Williamsburg were mischaracterized and unfairly reported by the media. They weren't.

Anyway, Paladino had said all along he would only run for office once. But it seems he's unlikely to remain a silent spectator to New York politics.


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Carl's letter is "on point". Whether you agreed with Carl's campaign or not, what he says in the letter makes sense. The press was more interested on Carl's daughter and his fight with Fred Dick than reporting on issues or conflicts of interest, corruption, and influence peddling in Albany. It continues in NYC with the press bending over backwards to kiss the mayor's behind, while he taxes the third estate into poverty, contemplating his presidential run, and turning a blind eye to rampant corruption in the council and within his administration (citytime cost overruns of close to $800,000,000.00).... I hope Carl wasn't just talking when he said "you haven't seen the last of Carl Paladino".

Dec. 26 2010 04:58 PM
new gop voter

Carl ran against both Cuomo, and the media. In an interview on the Factor, O'Reilly told Carl his biggest opposition would be newspapers and TV, and that was the case. The New York-Albany power brokers ganged up on Carl.

The emails were not important, and overrode the point which was elect the best man to run our ruined state government. As a male reader said in a letter to the Buffalo News: 98 percent of males send this kind of email, including himself (the letter writer).

I was delighted to hear senator-elect Patrick Galvin stick up strongly for Carl a week ago, to Liz Benjamin.

As for Liz Benjamin, she was more interested in Carl's "demeanor" (the word she used) than she was his great plans for our state. She was too easy on Cuomo; unfair to Carl. She's beholden to that "power crowd".

Why is it all right for journalists, commentators and bloggers to use strong language in their opposition to Carl, but club Carl when he uses strong language?

Thanks Carl for running and running and running. A blessed Christmas to you and your family.

Dec. 05 2010 01:21 AM

What is the "Mantel of Journalism"? Does he mean "mantle"?

Dec. 04 2010 08:16 PM

I watch Elizabeth Benjamin five nights a week on "Capital Tonight". She is brutally candid, tough, and fair with every guest she has on. Carl Paladino is an insulting and demeaning person. He has no right to address her "Liz", in a supposedly formal letter. And the results of the GENERAL ELECTION proved that many people did care about the inappropriate e-mails he sent, because he's not Governor-Elect! As Russelldrews said below, Paladino could use a period in a spa or clinic so someone can work with him on these delusional fantasies he's been having.

Dec. 04 2010 07:33 PM

Carl is really a very unstable, angry and unhinged guy. He doesn't belong in politics, period. I think he needs some serious therapy. Not kidding...a really good shrink.

Dec. 04 2010 01:38 PM
carpet bagger

This ignorant jerk used the word "penultimate" incorrectly. He also used the word "myself" incorrectly. I could continue, but the point is when you criticize someone's work it's a good idea to make sure your criticism is above reproach.
The political press could do a better job and they do play favorites, but I think Paladino simply got his feelings hurt by Liz and reacted in a personal manner. DiNapoli reacted with similar disbelief when Liz filleted him.
She's so good they don't see it coming until they find themselves in pieces on the floor.
He got one thing right. She is cool.

Dec. 04 2010 12:50 AM

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