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Governors Cuomo and Patrick make their Super Bowl bets

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Throughout the country, the politics of division have torn at the fabric of this great nation. Some reporters would take that same destructive, degenerative mindset and apply it to good-natured sports rivalries.

SOME reporters, on the other hand, have the composure (and dare we say confidence) to separate the political from the athletic. It's nice to see the governors of New York and Massachusetts are likewise able to reach the same high bar of comportment.

Behold: the Cuomo-Patrick Super Bowl Bet.

If the Giants win, Governor Patrick will send Governor Cuomo:

  • 46 Centerville Pies from “The Pie Ladies” in Centerville
  • Legal Sea Foods clam chowder
  • 46 cases of Food Should Taste Good chips in Needham Heights

Governor Cuomo will donate the proceeds to the Food Bank Association of NYS.

If the Patriots win, Governor Cuomo will send Governor Patrick:

  • 46 cases of one of the State’s newest and hottest exports- New York made Greek yogurt
  • 46 dozen bagels from Ess-a-Bagel in Manhattan
  • 46 cheesecakes from Junior's in Brooklyn

Governor Patrick will donate the proceeds to a Massachusetts food bank.

A couple quick notes: for those with the good fortune enough to have visited the home of the original Tea Party, you probably know that Legal Seafood is not where you want to get your real clam chowder. You'd think Governor Deval Patrick would have the good taste to set people up in the Chart House.

I also love how Governor Cuomo doubles down on one of the high points of his economic program from last year: the great Greek yogurt plant deal. Never miss an opportunity to remind people of your success.