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The Lede: Obama's Heads-up, Barron's Dangerous Charm

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Today's Wood

Bloomberg's slateof candidates outside NY.

Obama didn't give a heads up to Schumer, Gillibrand and other Democrats he was going to address the mosque issue.

NYT: "[S]trategists said Democrats could counter the Republican offensive by labeling the mosque dispute as a local issue and saying Democrats remain focused on the economy."

"Requests for comment from Reps. Maurice Hinchey, D-Hurley, and John Hall, D-Dover Plains, went unanswered on Monday."

Bloomberg allies Lanza, Molinaro, and McMahon say the mosque should be moved.

NYT editorial: Obama and supporters "need to push back hard" to defend the mosque project.

NY Post editorial: Obama "made a bigger muddle" of mosque debate.

Cohen: Obama "flinched."

Schumer's spokesman: "As he's said for several weeks now, he is not opposed."

Obama's spokesman said they've had a "fulsome" conversation about the mosque, and won't discuss it again.

Bennet recalls the mosque built by Feisal Abdul Rauf's father, on the East Side.

Cuomo declined to comment on a proposal to broaden the investigatory power of the AG's office, which he previously voiced support for.

Hydrofracking critics plan to greet Cuomo Thursday in Tompkin's County.

NT2 wonders if the Post is wiggling out of Cuomo's corner.

Hammond: "Cuomo showed government workers that he intends to be their boss, not the other way around."

Paterson won't attend the Public Integrity's hearing on how the governor got Yankee World Series tickets.

Cillizza sees Obama and congressional Democrats "operating on two very different political time lines."

NY23 GOP challenger Hanna says they have a right to build a mosque at Ground Zero, but "this is the wrong location."

The mosque issue gets "hotter by the day."

A critic ties Arcuri to Palin, on the mosque.

Mediaite: Olbermann's over-the-topness was just right for the mosque debate.

Frank Rich reads Alter's book on Obama.

Herbert: "The truth is that we have no idea how the president really feels about the deadline he imposed for beginning a troop withdrawal."

Quinn hits now-defunct St. Vincents for paying high salaries to executives and consultants.

Voting to consolidate local government begins, upstate.

A new report recommends electeds stop interfering with public authorities.

Caption Contest: Paterson in the Jets huddle.

Barron: "If we take care of blacks and Latinos, the state will be better off."

"He's very charming, but that's what makes him dangerous."

The Epoch Times plays it straight on Barron.

Kappstatter explains how a Republican helped Democrats gain the upper hand at the NYC Board of Elections.

A judge orders another look at the Capturing the Freidmans case.

And a warning to Robert George: they're all going to laugh at you.