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Lazio: 'Andrew Cuomo is Albany'

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Rick Lazio paints Andrew Cuomo as something more than an incumbent (which, technically, he's not): "Andrew Cuomo is Albany."

It's 30 seconds and doesn't say how Lazio will "change" Albany, or, for that matter, what about it he wants to change.

The ad features images of David Paterson, Pedro Espada, Alan Hevesi and Eliot Spitzer under the headline "Special Interest Rule Albany."

Not shown is Joe Bruno, a Republican who led the State Senate and was actually convicted of using his office to put money in his pocket.

Oh, and the color of Lazio's tie is purple - that bi-partisan hue, which some have used in order to signal something beyond the red-state blue-state dichotomy.

The ad though is, at least, about Albany, which the New York Post editorial today urged Lazio to focus on, instead of that other thing he's been talking about.