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Salon on Pataki: "The saddest Republican candidacy of them all"

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Steve Kornacki over at has one of the best political reporting minds out there. Today he's added his two cents to the pile of pennies pinning the nascent Pataki for President campaign to the concrete. As we reported earlier this week, there's very little enthusiasm for a Pataki campaign out there. That is, unless your name is George Pataki. From Kornacki's piece:

There's a reason why George Pataki seems to be moving toward a presidential campaign, but "because Republicans want him to" is not it.

The word this week is that the former New York governor's entry into the GOP race is imminent, and that he may use an event in Iowa this weekend to announce his plans. An official campaign website even went live for a brief period on Wednesday before being taken down. Not that we should be too surprised by all of this: Pataki has been trying hard for two years now to force his name into the 2012 mix.

And that's the problem: Republican leaders and activists have been hungry for new '12 options for a long time, but never once have they looked at Pataki and said, "Now there's our answer!"

That doesn't appear to be stopping the former governor. Not one bit.