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Bloomberg on Halloran's allegations of a worker slow down: 'It's a City Council issue'

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There's been mounting pressure for City Councilman Dan Halloran to disclose more information to back up his allegations that city workers purposely botched the Christmas snow storm in order to embarrass the mayor.

The New York Times said investigators aren't finding evidence to back it up. The Daily News called for Halloran to speak up, or face legal action. And City Hall News outed the name of one of Halloran's source, who is reportedly not giving investigators the same story he gave the Councilman.

I asked the mayor if he thought Halloran should be more forthcoming with the information he has.

The mayor didn't get in the middle of it.

“It’s a City Council issue. You should talk to Dan and other interested parties. It’s nothing we know anything about. He has not shared any information with us, as far as I know," the mayor said.