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Turner on debt ceiling agreement

This agreement is far from perfect, but it will protect Social Security and Medicare and prevent default on our debt, which would have damaged this weak economy even more.  But more importantly, it sends the signal that bipartisanship, however hard-fought, is still possible in the Congress.  Far more of that will be needed in the months and years ahead to get this economy moving again and to restore confidence in American government.

Years of overspending by career politicians, on both sides of the aisle, put us in this position. This debate has been historic in that federal debt and its drag on the U.S.  economy is now a front-burner issue.  Getting the U.S. economy back on track and creating jobs must be the chief priority for every member of Congress, and, in the long-term, that will require responsible spending and balanced budgets. That is the ultimate goal, and this moves us in that direction. As imperfect as it is, I support today’s deal.