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The Lede: Bloomberg, Cuomo, Park51

Petraeus is not in Afghanistan to oversee a "graceful exit."

As Bloomberg pushed to extend term limits, a charity he funds gave thousands to a group run by Al Sharpton, who stayed oddly quiet.

Education expert: “On achievement, the story in New York City is of some modest progress, but not the miracle that the mayor and the chancellor would like to claim.”

That education story - sub-headlined "A Blow to Bloomberg" - makes A1 of The Times.

On the web site Park51, the Islamic cultural center proposed near Ground Zero, they refer to part of their facility as "a mosque."

The Post puts Hamas and Ground Zero on the wood.

Schumer and King dismiss the Hamas statements on the Islamic center.

Douthat demands more sensitivity from the Park51 developers.

Lupica gives veto power to 9/11 families.

Cuomo's anti-Albany message will hurt Democratic legislators.

Cuomo tells Poughkeepsie Journal ed board if tax cap isn't done this year, "I'm going to make it a top priority next year."

Crowley and Israel jockey for a DCCC promotion.

Deroy Murdock spills a lot of ink on Rangel's GOP challenger.

Murphy and Gibson argue taxes.

Zuckerman in WSJ[$]: "If there is one great policy failure of this recession, it's that we have not used the crisis to introduce structural reforms."

Bloomberg reviews pension costs, Liu sort of does too.

Espada may survive since he'll face two challengers, not just one.

"Brown skirted rules in hiring of Thomas"

The Post doubts Paterson will really collect cigarette taxes from reservations.

The Brooklyn DA's office is"taking its sweet time bringing [State Senator] Parker to trial."

And here's an ad from the NYS Conservative Party, which puts pressure on Con Ed to not sell land to Park51 developers.