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Maloney Stars in Saujani Ad About Maloney

Reshma Saujani hits her Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney for running away from reporters after their only debate. She says she did not own stock in British Petroleum when, actually, she did.

Saujani also repeats the claim that Maloney raised money from lobbyists on the same day she voted on a bill directly impacting those lobbyists and their clients.

That last charge is, clearly, relevant. But the impact of not debating an opponent more than once is more of a process-y issue that gets reporters and editorial boards in a tither. Usually not many voters care. And the impact of owning - or not owning - BP stock isn't immediately clear to me.

But painting an incumbent lawmaker as dishonest and cozy with business interests does have an obvious upshot.

The irony, of course, is that Saujani worked in the financial services industry and is in the rare position of being a Wall Street defender at a time when most people think big business has gotten enough out of Washington.