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Rangel laughs at the press, throws a soft jab

The goal of Rangel's media blitz this weekend - two appearances before reporters and a walking press conference in Harlem Hospital, along with a visit to CNN's Candy Crowley - is part of his effort to put the whole censure thing behind him, aides say.

(I'm told one top aide was considering having Rangel appear on Bill O'Reilly's show, seeing him as a more sympathetic interviewer than others on that network.)

But the censure issue may not be going away soon enough. The Post picked up a report that the FEC may probe Rangel for improperly using his PAC money to pay his legal fees. The complain to the FEC was filed by the National Legal and Policy Center.

The Center was founded by two people who, at one point, worked for Citizens for Reagan, and at least one notes in his bio that he helped force the resignation of former House Speaker Jim Write, a Democrat.