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The Roundup: Cuomo's first arrests, Paterson aide pleas

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Heck No, Tax Surcharge Won't Go!: 17 protesters arrested during call to re-up the higher tax rate on earners making over $200,000, billed as the first civil disobedience of the Cuomo years. (YNN/Capital Tonight)

Also Against Wal-Mart in NYC:a national gay and lesbian advocacy group. (NY Times)

Guilty:Paterson aide David Johnson's plea to domestic violence charges.(YNN/Capital Tonight)

Clinton in Albany: Bill speaks, Times-Union tweets (Albany Times-Union)

No Pundit-ing while Presidential-Positioning:Fox News suspends Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum's contributor contracts while they test the waters. Huckabee and Palin allowed to continue, for now. (LA Times)

'Not Even High School Journalism': The Post's Fred Dicker on the Times' Sheldon Silver story today. (NY Observer)

Targeting Tax Cheats: "Rooting out crimes against the taxpayers is a top priority for my office, and I am committed to going after waste, fraud and corruption wherever it occurs so we can protect New Yorkers’ bottom line," Schneiderman writes in Syracuse op-ed.(Syracuse Post-Standard)

States Betting on Online Betting:"The first real test of the state efforts comes this week in New Jersey, where Gov. Chris Christie is expected to decide the fate of a bill that would let Atlantic City casino companies run gambling websites for state residents." (Wall Street Journal)

'Cottage Industry of Hate': The charges at a Washington panel today in advance of NY Rep. Peter King's hearing next week on the radicalization of Islam. (Talking Points Memo)

Bloomberg's Tagging:"With the city's Bloombergification, there's been a movement to put Q.R. codes to civic use: teaching people how the city works, and giving them point-of-contact access to city data and information that doesn't require you to remember a .gov address that you'll inevitably forget to visit when you're back at your desk." (Capital New York)

Rockstar Daughter's Tagging: Keith Richards' daughter arrested for SoHo graffiti. (Gothamist)