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Q Poll: Cuomo Should Look into Park51 Funding

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So, this will probably keep the Park51 debate going a little bit longer in the governor's race.

A new Quinnipiac poll
finds a majority of Democrats - 65-25 percent - say they want Andrew Cuomo to investigate funding for the group looking to build an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio has been tying Cuomo to the issue, and an AP story noted that Cuomo has been notably quiet about his support for the developers.

But editorial boards, like The Daily News and New York Post, have criticized Lazio for campaigning too much on this issue, and not discussing other topics more directly related to the day-to-day functions of governing New York.

At a lengthy Tea Party event in midtown yesterday, Lazio barely mentioned the issue.

Anyway, more from the poll:

54-40 % say Muslims have a right to build a mosque near Ground Zero "because of American freedom of religion."

53-39 % say the Muslim group "should not be allowed" to build a mosque there "because of the opposition of Ground Zero relatives."

71-21 % say developers "should voluntarily build the mosque somewhere else," because, "of the opposition of Ground Zero relatives."

71-22 % say AG Andrew Cuomo should investigate the financing of the mosque.

And 65-25 % of Democrats say that Cuomo should look into the mosque's financing.