Schumer and Christie spar

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 - 12:48 PM

"Terrible" is how Senator Schumer described NJ Governor Christie's cancellation of the ARC tunnel. (azi paybarah / wnyc)

Jim O'Grady:

Governor Christie’s spokesman Michael Drewniak isn’t pulling his punches over New York U.S. Senator Charles Schumer’s criticism on the ARC tunnel. Earlier today, Schumer blasted Christie for make a “terrible, terrible” decision to kill the $9 billion commuter rail train under the Hudson.

“Where was the senior senator from New York with funding alternatives to a project that was predicted to run billions over projections – all of which were to be borne by New Jersey and its taxpayers?,” Drewniak said. “This was a ‘bi-state’ project for which Senator Schumer’s state and the federal government were set to pay zero, zilch, nothing for the cost overruns. We can live with the criticism while protecting taxpayers from this boondoggle, which was simply a bad deal for New Jersey.”

Drewniak went further in questioning Senator’s Schumer’s timing and motivation in slamming Governor Christie’s decision on ARC, which was made in October.

“I’ll also give Senator Schumer the benefit of the doubt and assume he didn’t brush up on the topic before he spoke. Unless, of course, his remarks are merely political, which is always a possibility,” Drewniak said.

No reply yet from Senator Schumer on this latest round of comments.

UPDATE: Schumer's spokesman, Mike Morey, emails: "Rather than come to the table and work with federal officials to deal with overruns, and preserve an asset everyone agrees is needed in the region, the Governor’s decision flushed $6 billion in federal and Port Authority money down the tubes.”


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"instead of coming to federal officials".... you don't get it, do you Schumer? Gov Christie represents the current mindset that you don't run to the federal government every time you need more money. Responsibility and accountability for actions and what is done with the money of the american taxpayer.

Jan. 18 2011 11:56 PM

Maveltonics3 is correct. This is an example of old politics vs new. Schumer represents the old way of doing things. . . the ways that gave us 14 trillion dollars in debt. Christie represents the new. It's time to pay the credit card bill Chuck! You can't pay one credit card off with another, and that's exactly what you and your cronies have been doing for years, turning the US into a debtor nation.

Jan. 18 2011 10:57 PM

Tough decisions have to be made. Cost overruns are killing the taxpayers all over the country, and we're sick of it. From now on lets turn off the spicket of government waste. If you don't come in on budget then let's pull the plug.

Jan. 18 2011 09:35 PM

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