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Despite complaint, judge says keep NYS ballot

Federal Judge Raymond Dearie, who ruled the NYS ballots are unconstitutional and wanted them all reprinted before the November 2 elections, has vacated his decision, saying it's impossible to fix the situation in time.

The problem arose because Randy Credico, one of the lesser known candidates running against Senator Schumer, said it was unfair he was only listed once on the ballot, even though he's representing more than one party.

Why is that? It's state law.

Credico gets listed once on the ballot because A) he's not a gubernatorial candidate and B) the parties he's representing don't already have automatic ballot status (they're the Anti-Prohibition and Libertarian Parties). The thinking goes, a fringe candidate can "create" dozens of these kind of parties, creating a logistical nightmare for ballot designers (who have enough problems already).