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Voters: Wait, what's going on with redistricting?

So full disclaimer: just because we pay a tremendous amount of attention to a subject like redistricting (and go on air to argue why folks should be paying attention), it doesn't mean we're so divorced from reality in our little news bubble that we think that issues like redistricting burn hot in the hearts of New Yorkers.

But in the event that we were forgetting that simple truth, today's Quinnipiac University poll helped correct any illusions we might have been holding.

Or, as the release on the poll puts it, "New York State voters seem to be confused or disinterested by the latest developments in the issue of legislative redistricting."

Do they ever:

  • 68 percent of voters don’t know whether or not state legislators kept their 2010 campaign promise to support an independent commission to create legislative district lines;
  • 67 percent say they heard nothing about the new district lines created by state legislators;
  • 71 percent don’t know whether or not they approve of these lines;
  • 66 percent don’t know whether or not they want the governor to veto these lines.

“Politicians watch the redistricting dance with fascination.  After all, it affects their future.   But voters can’t or won’t follow this important – but not very sexy – issue,” said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, in a statement.