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'This sounds more Albany than ever'

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On WOR this morning, Governor David Paterson said Carl Paladino's run-in with the media yesterday speaks to the fact that he is unfit for office.

"It sounds to me as if he's having trouble coping with the pressure that it takes to be a governor or to run for governor," Paterson said.

Yesterday's outburst came, Paladino claims, in response to a photographer trying to sneak a shot of the candidate's 10-year-old daughter, which he acknowledged fathering out of wedlock earlier this year. Paladino said he was being treated unfairly since reporters weren't looking into his Democratic rival, Andrew Cuomo's personal life, which Paladino said contains an extra-marital affair. He provided no evidence for the accusation.

Paterson - who's had his own problems coping with the pressures of high office - said "this conversation has just deteriorated into gossip which is exactly the opposite of what Mr. Paladino said he wants to get rid of. This sounds more Albany than ever."

That last line could be particularly devastating, since Paladino is running as an outsider looking to change Albany. Cuomo allies have worked hard to discredit Paladino's outsider status, noting he got more than a million-dollar tax break and is a real estate developer from whom the state leases a lot of property.