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Roundup: Cuomo Gets Commishes, New NYC School Strategy

Commissioners Confirmed: Gov. Cuomo announced unanimous Senate confirmation of DEC, DOT, Parks and Recreation, Taxation and Finance Commissioners. (Cuomo Administration)

New Schools Game Plan: The Bloomberg administration considers a new strategy for dealing with low-performing schools: A partnership with NY Dept of Ed. and the founder of a charter school network in L.A. (NYT)

Budging on the Budget: Gov. Scott Walker's office released documents Tuesday detailing now stalled talks with Senate Democrats in Illinois about his union bargaining bill. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinal)

More Money Trouble: Senate test votes on spending cuts broke down today when majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, accused Senate Republicans of refusing to move ahead as they had agreed. (NYT)

UFT Ad Attack: The United Federation of Teachers union launched an attack against Bloomberg's proposed teacher lay-offs. (WNYC)

Millions March: Egyptian women staged a 'Million Woman March' today (on the International Day of Women) after the new prime minister appointed only one woman to his cabinet. (CS Monitor)

Idaho Union Blow: Idaho's legislature passed a bill limiting collective bargaining for the state's unionized teachers on Tuesday. (Politico)

Chruch Controversy: The Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced the placement of 21 priests on administrative leave from active ministry in connection with charges that they had sexually abused minors. (NYT)