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OfA emails against 'radical' Paladino

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The local apparatus of President Obama's campaign is set tojust fired off this email to supporters, urging them to vote for Democrat Andrew Cuomo, noting he's up against a "radical Republican," in Carl Paladino. The email comes one day after Paladino tried to say he's not an extremist in his opposition to same-sex marriage, saying he had the same position as Obama.

This email hits Paladino on immigration, healthcare, and, of course, the "brainwashed" comment.


I don't know about you, but I don't want to wake up on the morning of November 3rd wondering if there was something more I could have done to change the outcome of the elections in New York.

Just 20 days -- that's how much time we have between now and November 2nd. And there are millions of New Yorkers who still need to hear from us.

It's time to hit the phones.

We've revamped our call tool to make that as easy as possible to do. With one click, you're brought to a script and a contact in your area. No papers, no clipboards, no call lists to check off. You'll be connected to the folks whose votes will determine the direction our country will take this fall.

Can you use our call tool to make 10 phone calls to New York voters today?

In three weeks, New Yorkers will determine what direction this state will take. And their choice couldn't be more stark.

In the gubernatorial race, they'll choose between Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who has served as a strong voice for New Yorkers and consistently taken on corruption in both government and the private sector, and Carl Paladino, a radical Republican candidate who is out of touch with New Yorkers -- and whose positions appear to be growing more extreme by the day.

He has called for New York State police to enforce immigration laws "like they do in Arizona," has said that passage of health insurance reform would kill more Americans than were lost on September 11th, and has promised to transform New York state prisons into dormitory-style residences for welfare recipients where they could learn "personal hygiene."

And most recently, he said that he doesn't want children to be "brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option," because, he says, "it isn't."

In 20 days, New Yorkers will collectively decide which of these two candidates will be in a position to make important decisions for this state -- and that's a reality that's still in our control.

And each call you make could mean one more person volunteering in their community this fall. One more person joining us in our work to continue making change that matters in New York.

One more person in line at the polls on Election Day -- someone who wouldn't be there if they hadn't talked to you.

Your conversations create action -- plain and simple.

So grab a phone, and give it a shot. Use our new call tool to reach out to ten voters today:

Talk to you soon,


Melissa DeRosa
New York State Director
Organizing for America