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Pataki: I thought of relocating my business to CT

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Here’s how former Governor George Pataki described the challenges facing Andrew Cuomo in Albany:

“He’s got some budget difficulties, but they’re manageable,” Pataki said on Morning Joe.

When host Joe Scarborough mentioned Cuomo’s plan to freeze salaries for public employees, Pataki said, “It’s not that hard to do.”

Most of Pataki’s appearance on the show was spent defending the elimination of the millionaires tax on New Yorkers. Pataki, who is now in the private sector, admitted that he thought about moving his 11-employee company out of New York when officials here raised taxes on businesses.

“We looked at Connecticut,” the former New York governor said.

Later on, Pataki said raising taxes on the rich – who can easily relocate – ultimately does not bring in money to the state.

“If you tax the so-called super rich, you generate virtually no revenue,” Pataki said.