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Anti-Muslim activities in New York "misguided and divisive": NYCLU report

The New York Civil Liberties Union just released a report on the rise of anti-Muslim activities throughout the state. The report, according to NYCLU, "examines the role that federal national security policies, law enforcement agencies and politicians have played in inflaming anti-Muslim sentiment and anti-mosque activities."

“Government policies that cast blanket suspicion on all Muslim residents are misguided and divisive,” Udi Ofer, one of the paper's authors, said in a statement. “Religious profiling was unconstitutional before 9/11, and it’s unconstitutional after 9/11. Our elected officials must stand up for religious freedom and ensure that New Yorkers treat each other with respect and understanding.”

Nine incidents of anti-Muslim activity across the state are reviewed in the report. NYCLU says the acts on the Muslim community put First Amendment religious protections at risk for everyone.

“While opponents of mosque projects have a constitutional right to express their views, our public officials must work to ensure that New York remains a welcoming place for all who want to live and worship here, and that the rights and freedoms of those who wish to build mosques are also protected,” NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman said in the statement.

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