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New York Post and the Republican GOV Primary

One of the most influential voices in New York politics - and specifically in local Republican politics - has not taken sides yet in the Republican primary for governor.

One of the candidates, Carl Paladino, is an outsider with little political experience but appealing to Tea Party voters. One of the placed where I interviewed him for my profile was outside the News Corp building on Avenue of the Americas, after Paladino had met with the New York Post editorial board.

He said he thought he did well (and he even gave one of the reporters there a sillyband).

The Republican designee, former Rep. Rick Lazio of Long Island, has had some cross words for the New York Post's state editor, Fred Dicker. The paper's editorial board has been critical of Lazio, for focusing too much on the mosque issue instead of the state's fiscal problems.

This afternoon, a Lazio campaign spokesman tells me the New York Post did not offer an invitation for Lazio to meet with its editorial board.