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Poll: Cuomo more popular than Cuomo budget

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Andrew Cuomo is popular, even if key parts of his budget face resistance, according to a new Sienea poll.

Also, GOP and Independent voters really like Cuomo's budget, even though members of his Democratic Party do not.

77-16 percent favorable / unfavorable among voters.
83-12 percent among Dems
70-20 percent among GOP
70-22 percent among Independents

62-35 percent favorable / unfavorable among voters.
82-17 percent among Dems
29-67 percent among GOP
55-39 percent among Independents

Cuomo's pledges to not raise taxes, not borrow, and cut spending all poll at 75 percent or higher with voters.

When it comes to cutting health care or education, things change.

Cut Medicaid by $1 billion:
51-45 percent support it.
41-54 percent among Dems
61-36 percent among GOP
59-36 percent among Independents

Cut SUNY / CUNY by 10 percent:
41-56 percent support it
33-65 percent among Dems
50-47 percent among GOP
49-50 percent among Independents

Renew tax on those making $200,000+ annually (which Cuomo opposes)
33-65 percent support
27-71 percent among Dems
45-53 percent among GOP
34-63 percent among Independents
61-37 percent among those making $100,000+ annually